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10/27/14 | NBC News

See Photos of Troops Leaving Key Afghan Base

U.S. and British forces withdrew from the Camp Bastion-Leatherneck complex, a key base in Afghanistan’s Helmand province.

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10/27/14 | NBC News

Nigerian Woman Abducted by Boko Haram Speaks Out

Victim of a Boko Haram abduction, who does not want to be identified, described her ordeal for Human Rights Watch report.

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10/24/14 | NBC News

Frank Mankiewicz, RFK’s Press Secretary, Passes Away

Born into Hollywood royalty, Mankiewicz instead chose a life of politics, news and public service.

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10/23/14 | NBC News

Invasion of Baghdad Veteran Sgt. Major Bob Gallagher Dies at 52

The decorated veteran of the invasions of Panama, Mogadishu and Iraq was awarded two Purple hearts on the first day of the invasion of Baghdad.

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10/7/14 | NBC News

How Americans Became Malaria ‘Pod People’ in WWII

Thousands of mental patients and troops unknowingly became malaria test subjects, according to a new book that reveals breaches of medical ethics.

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Is VA really holding execs accountable?

The Veterans Affairs Department said it is firing four senior executives in response to the VA scandal. CNBC’s Dina Gusovsky discusses if the VA is really holding these officials accountable.

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10/6/14 | NBC News

VA Fires Four Senior Execs After Wait Time Scandal

Senior purchasing official, hospital administrators are first sacked under new law that makes it easier to purge employees suspected of wrongdoing.

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10/5/14 | NBC News

Iraq Vet in his Own Words: There Are Boots on the Ground

Army Veteran Clay Hanna says military members deployed in Iraq are actively engaged in combat, despite statements from the president.

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10/3/14 | NBC News

Raw Video: Inside Hong Kong’s Chaotic Street Protests

A mix of protesters, anti-protesters and police make for a chaotic scene in Hong Kong’s streets.

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American veterans rescue Fox News’ “boobs”

Kudos to American veterans who fired back against sexist remarks about a UAE female fighter pilot leading attacks on ISIS.

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