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Why are US military veterans being deported?

Veterans of the U.S. military, who were lawful permanent residents or green card holders, have been permanently expelled from the country for committing crimes. Immigration lawyer Craig Shagin and U.S. Army veteran Kevin Martinez talk with Joy Reid.

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VA on the mend ready for political challenges

Robert McDonald, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, talks with Rachel Maddow about the importance of the VA in the American health system, how the VA is improving after recent scandals, and political challenges from conservatives interested in privatization.

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Blind Veterans Find Healing In Sports

Goalball is a sport for the visually impaired that’s providing therapy for veterans. WBAL’s Megan Pringle reports.

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US Veterans Return To Iwo Jima

70 years later veterans recall their experiences in the battle of Iwo Jima.

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1/1/15 | NBC News

The Year That Was: See the Most Powerful Images of 2014

See the most powerful images of the year.

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12/26/14 | NBC News

Tom Brokaw and Angelina Jolie on ‘Unbroken’ Hero Louis Zamperini

NBC’s Tom Brokaw followed director Angelina Jolie as she brought “Unbroken,” a film about the remarkable life of Louis Zamperini, to the big screen.

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12/23/14 | NBC News

Snowball Express Brings Cheer to Kids of Fallen Military Heroes

Every December, hundreds of children and spouses of fallen veterans are invited aboard the Snowball Express for four days of holiday fun.

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12/16/14 | NBC News

Watch 2014′s Most Amazing Photos

View the year’s best news photography from around the world.

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12/15/14 | NBC News

Remembering Pioneers in Photography, Politics and Baseball Cards

Brian Williams says goodbye to Hollywood photographer Phil Stern, father of the modern baseball card Sy Berger, and political guru David Garth.

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12/13/14 | NBC News

Longtime Congressman John Dingell Hospitalized

Rep. John Dingell, a WWII veteran and the longest-serving congressman of all time, suffered a fall one day after casting his last vote in the House.

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