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9/19/17 | NBC News

Dylann Roof Can’t Fire Jewish, Indian Lawyers

A federal appeals court has denied white supremacist Dylann Roof’s request to replace his Jewish and Indian lawyers.

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#WearImFrom: This T-Shirt Is Part of Victor Diaz Zapanta’s Family Narrative

Victor Diaz Zapanta explains why the shirt he owns from Student Action for Veterans Equity is important to him, and how it honors his grandfather’s legacy.

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9/18/17 | NBC News

Chelsea Manning Says She’s Not a Traitor, Made ‘Ethical Decision’

In her second public appearance since being released from a military prison in May, Manning said she’s not a traitor as her critics have claimed.

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Statue of Robert E. Lee removed from Dallas park

On Thursday night, a 6-ton statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee was removed from a park. Despite a down-to-the-wire court fight by the Sons of Confederate Veterans, a judge did not intervene.

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7/8/17 | NBC News

How a 51-Year-Old Mother Became the First Woman in the Air Force

Esther Blake became the first woman to join the Air Force on July 8, 1948, at age 51.

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6/23/17 | NBC News

George W. Bush to Vets: We Can Defeat the Stigma of Post-Traumatic Stress

Former President George W. Bush shares veterans’ stories and lessons through paintings in his new book, “Portraits of Courage.” He discusses a section on post-traumatic stress, saying, “It was courageous to volunteer in the face of danger, and it’s just as courageous to talk about the invisible wounds of war.”

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6/5/17 | NBC News

VA Secy. Outlines How Vets Will Benefit from New, Unified Health Records

Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin announces that his department will adopt the same electronic health system as the Department of Defense, allowing for a “seamless transfer of information” from military enlistment until a veteran’s death.

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5/11/17 | NBC News

Lawmakers Reach Agreement on Stalled VA Accountability Bill

As many as 40 veterans died while waiting months for appointments as VA employees created secret waiting lists and other falsehoods to cover up delays.

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5/1/17 | NBC News

Inspiring America: Vietnam Veterans Fly Again

NBC News’ Tom Brokaw sits down with two Vietnam veterans who are flying again thanks to the Air Force’s Freedom Flyer program.

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1/29/17 | NBC News

Whistleblowers Say Phoenix VA Still in Critical Condition

Nearly three years after a whistleblower revealed that 1,400 of veterans languished without care, new whistleblowers say little has changed.

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