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2/2/16 | NBC News

Military Officials: Women Should Register for Draft

Now that all combat jobs are open to women, they should have to register for the draft — just like men, military officials said Tuesday.

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1/31/16 | NBC News

New Procedure Helps Wounded Vet Father a Child

When Army Sgt. Thai Lee was injured during an explosion in Afghanistan, he thought he had lost his ability to have biological children.

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1/22/16 | NBC News

‘A Very Long Road': Marine Freed By Iran Arrives Home

“I’m happy to finally be home,” Amir Hekmati said after landing in Flint. “It’s been a very long road. A very long journey.”

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1/21/16 | NBC News

Veteran With PTSD Reunited With Military Dog

It nearly took an act of Congress, but former Marine David Pond has been reunited with Pablo, the dog who served with him in Afghanistan.

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1/20/16 | NBC News

WWII Vet Finally Receives Medals

World War II veteran Thomas Williams receives medals earned in combat decades ago. WNYT’s Kumi Tucker reports.

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1/20/16 | NBC News

Vets to Palin: Don’t Blame Obama for Son’s Behavior

“PTSD is a very serious problem, a complicated mental health injury and I would be extremely reluctant to blame any one person in particular.”

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LIVE: Sanders holds veterans round table

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders makes remarks on supporting our troops at a round table discussion at Dougie J’s Café in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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12/17/15 | NBC News

Company Honors ‘Southern Comfort’ WWII Bomber Pilot

Retired Col. Thomas Barr flew the B-17 “Southern Comfort” on a number of combat missions over Europe during World War II.

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Super Wheelchairs Have Vets On The Go

Nine all terrain wheelchairs were given to Oklahoma City’s Mid-America Chapter of the Paralyzed Veterans of America Tuesday. KFOR’s Lacey Lett reports.

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12/7/15 | NBC News

Former Drone Pilots Denounce ‘Morally Outrageous’ Program

Former Air Force airmen are speaking out against America’s drone war, calling the military drone program “morally outrageous” and “one of the most devastating driving forces for terrorism and destabilization around the world.”

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