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10/26/16 | NBC News

Michigan War Memorial Vandalized

Police in Cedar Springs, Michigan, are asking for the public’s help after parts of a monument dedicated to a fallen soldier were stolen.

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9/25/16 | NBC News

Female U.S. Vets With PTSD Find Comfort Far From Home

Female U.S. war vets are finding help for their post-traumatic stress disorder far from home.

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8/18/16 | NBC News

Sen. McCain Pressed on Vets Asking Him to Renounce Trump

When asked about Donald Trump and about veterans who oppose Trump, Sen. John McCain responded by saying that he wants veterans and their families to renounce Hillary Clinton.

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8/17/16 | NBC News

$37,000 in Bike Equipment Stolen From Wounded Vets

“It was the equipment that we needed in case something happened, to either fix the bikes or help a warrior,” a Wounded Warrior Project official said.

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8/16/16 | NBC News

Spirit Of ’45 Day Honors World War II Vets

World War II veterans, their families, and many others came together Sunday in Portland, Oregon, to celebrate Spirit of ’45 Day.

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7/7/16 | NBC News

20 Veterans Commit Suicide Each Day, VA Study Finds

On average, 20 veterans a day committed suicide in 2014.

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7/4/16 | NBC News

Fireworks Can Be Nerve-Wracking for Vets With PTSD

For military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, sudden fireworks detonations can be frightening — or even deadly.

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7/3/16 | NBC News

New Nonprofit Helps Vets Who Can’t Travel See the World

A new nonprofit, Honor Everywhere, is helping veterans like never before, allowing them to travel around the country from the comfort of their own home.

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6/30/16 | NBC News

Marine Recruit’s Death Leads to Hazing Investigation

Fifteen drill instructors and other Marine commanders are under investigation for hazing and misconduct in a review that began with a recruit’s death.

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6/29/16 | NBC News

Marine Corps Making 19 Job Titles Gender-Neutral

The Marines in the next few days will publish the gender neutral name changes to affect 19 roles.

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