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2/25/18 | NBC News

Life well lived: Navy Lt. Jim Downing dies at 104

Navy Lt. Jim Downing was the second oldest survivor of the attack on Pearl Harbor. On that fateful day, he did his best to prevent ammunition from exploding, but it’s what he did next that makes his story unique. Sunday TODAY’s Willie Geist remembers another life well lived.

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2/11/18 | NBC News

Korean War veteran sees glimmer of hope as North and South Korea unite for the Olympics

Former Congressman and decorated war veteran Pete McCloskey saw firsthand the brutal conditions of the Korean War in 1950. Now at age 90, the Navy and Marine veteran sees a chance of peace between North and South Korea with the help of the Olympic Games in PyeongChang. NBC’s Tom Brokaw has this week’s Sunday Spotlight.

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1/21/18 | NBC News

Meet the veteran still helping Puerto Rico 4 months after Hurricane Maria

Four months after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, many residents are still homeless or living without electricity. In this week’s Sunday Closer, NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez travels to the island to meet up with Jason Maddy, an Iraq War veteran still aiding the recovery efforts.

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12/29/17 | NBC News

Wounded Iraq War vet and his family make solemn visit to 9-11 Memorial and Museum

On Thursday, Corey Briest, an Iraq War veteran with traumatic brain injury, was joined by his wife Jenny and their two teenage children as they toured the 9-11 Memorial and Museum for the first time. They are joined live on TODAY by a fellow South Dakotan, NBC’s Tom Brokaw, to talk about what the visit […]

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10/23/17 | NBC News

Trump Awards Medal of Honor to Vietnam Army Medic Gary Rose

At a White House ceremony, President Trump awards the Medal of Honor to retired Army Capt. Gary M. Rose of Huntsville, Alabama. Rose risked his life several times to provide medical care to his comrades during the Vietnam War.

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10/13/17 | NBC News

104-year-old Pearl Harbor vet reveals secrets of longevity to Megyn Kelly

Lieut. Jim Downing, at age 104 one of the last survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor, dons his Navy whites to talk to Megyn Kelly about his long military service, his faith in God and the secrets of a long and happy life.

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9/5/17 | NBC News

Memorializing the ‘Greatest Generation,’ One War Story at a Time

High school senior Andy Fancher has interviewed more than 50 World War II veterans as part of his efforts to preserve their war stories in short films.

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8/3/17 | NBC News

Trump Participates in Interactive Veterans Affairs Telehealth Event

Veterans Affairs Secretary Dr. David Shulkin demonstrates his ability to remotely treat a veteran's skin condition from Washington, D.C. through teleconferencing tools. President Trump later tells the vet, “I hope your skin is going to be in perfect shape.”

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7/1/17 | NBC News

Honoring America’s bravest: WWII veteran shares his daring mission

This Independence Day, TODAY looks at the inspiring lives of those who served our country. NBC’s Ken Dilanian has the story of one brave World War II veteran who flew three U.S. spies over Nazi-held territory to drop them by parachute into the Austrian Alps.

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6/23/17 | NBC News

Trumps Signs Veterans Affairs Reform Act, Holding Employees Accountable

President Trump signs the Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act, which will enables Secretary David Shulkin to fire underperforming Department employees and protect whistleblowers.

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