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1/17/14 | Next Steps for Vets Blog

Virtual Career Fairs for Veterans

Veteran Recruiting, a division of Astound Virtual and a provider of virtual career fairs for the military community, will be holding an online job fair on January 21. Veterans seeking employment will be able to chat with live recruiters, as well as view and apply for jobs—from wherever they have a computer and internet connection. […]

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12/20/13 | Next Steps for Vets Blog

Free Solar Energy Training for San Diego Vets

Veterans in southern California will be able to receive free training for solar industry jobs, thanks to a new program launching in early 2014. The San Diego County Board of Supervisors has endorsed Empower America, a non-profit that will provide veterans with a two weeks of training in installing solar panels. Afterwards, it will assist […]

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12/18/13 | Next Steps for Vets Blog

National Veterans Job Retention Survey Launched

By Katerina Athanasiou Though veteran unemployment is well documented, information about job retention is still scarce. Many veterans leave their first civilian job, though reasons why have yet to be captured and analyzed. In an attempt to do so, the Syracuse University Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) and VetAdvisor have partnered to survey […]

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12/11/13 | Next Steps for Vets Blog

Career Transition Program Expands to Include Military Spouses

By Katerina Athanasiou The Institute for Veterans and Military Families, at Syracuse University, has expanded its Veterans Career Transition Program to include military spouses Now, spouses of eligible veterans and active duty service members have access to online professional development courses. Spouses will be able to learn new skills, acquire certifications, and become more marketable […]

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12/6/13 | Next Steps for Vets Blog

A Start-Up Committed to Helping Vets

By Katerina Athanasiou Eight years ago, while attending an important meeting in Washington, D.C., Kevin Lavelle watched a staffer run in, drenched in sweat. As he looked at the staffer’s rumpled shirt, Lavelle was convinced there had to be a way to create organic, natural-looking dress shirts that incorporated fabrics with stretch, sweat resistant, and […]

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11/22/13 | Next Steps for Vets Blog

White House, Industry Partner to Train Vets in Telecommunications Jobs

By Katerina Athanasiou The White House this week announced the launch of “Warriors 4 Wireless” (W4W), a new non-profit program that will help veterans find employment in the telecommunications industry. W4W will offer training and certification, and connect vets to job openings. The program hopes to place more than 5,000 veterans in wireless jobs by 2015. A […]

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11/11/13 | Next Steps for Vets Blog

SBA Offers No-Fee Loans to Veterans

By Katerina Athanasiou The U.S. Small Business Administration has unveiled a new initiative to help veterans open or expand businesses: Beginning January 1, 2014, there will be no upfront fee for veterans receiving loans via the SBA Express program. The Express program is the SBA’s most popular loan delivery method and supports loans up to $350,000. […]

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11/7/13 | Next Steps for Vets Blog

About Next Steps for Vets

NBCUniversal, with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, has launched Next Steps for Vets, a dedicated web portal that features tools and resources to help veterans and their spouses find employment and education opportunities. Learn more in the video below.

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